AlphaShares China Real Estate Index ETF Overview

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2018 ETFs With The Lowest Valuations

Price-to-earnings ratios below 10 are rare for U.S.-focused funds, but common for emerging market ETFs.

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Niche China ETFs Outperforming Giants

There are many ways in which to own China through an ETF, and sometimes bigger doesn’t mean better returns. 

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ETFs With The Lowest Valuations: 2017

With the U.S. stock market trading at lofty P/E ratios, value investors must look elsewhere to find bargains.

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Marc Faber Bullish On Real Estate In China And Hong Kong

Faber sees recent pullbacks as an opportunity to add exposure to Asian real estate.

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Faber: Hong Kong Real Estate Shares Attractive, Hold US Treasurys

Chinese and Hong Kong real estate companies offer an attractive way to play China's reflation.

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Weekly ETF Returns: EM ETFs Rise

Signs of shifting fortunes in the developing world lifted emerging market ETFs last week.

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 Searching For Income

Investors are looking beyond the traditional bond ETFs in their search for income. Dave Nadig highlights the pros and cons of three asset classes: floating-rate bonds, REITs and MLPs.

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Guggenheim To Shut RMB, Its Yuan Bond ETF

The firm’s yuan-denominated bond ETF gets pruned after withering on the vine.

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Country ETFs Pepper 2012’s Top-Funds List

Investors are loosening their grip on Treasurys and wagering on lands far and wide outside the U.S.