AlphaShares China Small Cap Index ETF Overview

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Bulls Vs. Bears: Taking Sides On China

The country’s volatile stock market divides the opinion of market analysts.

ETF Strategist Corner

Watch China As Emerging Markets Bounce

As the emerging markets come back into favor, investors need to tune in closely to China. Analysis

Investing In The 'New China' With ETFs

Investors can take full advantage of China’s next stage of growth with a number of old and new ETFs.

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Weak Data Weigh On China ETFs

Every recent economic report out of China comes with disappointment.

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Hedge Fund Wants More Global ETFs

Filling the ETF void in emerging and frontier markets.

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China’s Fortunes Fading Into Crisis

As China’s economic growth falters, investors are faced with tough choices ahead.

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Five Viewpoints: Is China A Buy Right Now? asks Dennis Gartman, Jim Lowell and others whether China is a good long-term buy.

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Guggenheim To Shut RMB, Its Yuan Bond ETF

The firm’s yuan-denominated bond ETF gets pruned after withering on the vine. Analysis

ETFs For A Resurgent China

China is on the mend, and ETF investors have a growing number of funds to choose from.