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 Uphill Battle For Active ETFs

After eight years, active management in an ETF wrapper remains a tough sell.

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RiverFront Double Tasking To Meet Advisor Needs

The second-largest ETF strategist in the U.S. is not only offering entire model portfolios, but now a roster of individual ETFs.

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Change Your Thinking On Portfolio Construction

Wells Fargo economist says generating income has become more difficult; here’s what he says to do.

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Surprising ETF Losers Of 2016

These three popular slices of the ETF universe are faring poorly this year.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Crowdsourced Fund Debuts

App users vote on components for new ETF.

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Top Energy ETFs Since Oil Bottomed

These funds bounced back the hardest since oil made its bottom in January.

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Who's Really Using Smart Beta Funds

Looking at 13F filings for ownership provides a glimpse into varying concentration of ownership.

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Gold Mining ETFs Outshine The Metal

Gold-related ETFs top the performance and flows charts.