Barclays WTI Crude Oil Pure Beta TR Index ETF Overview

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Best/Worst Weekly ETF Returns: IDXJ, INXX Rise

International equities extend gains in the week ended Thursday, Sept. 20, while energy funds take the heat.

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 The Best Oil ETF

Oil. It’s a finite resource and we’re running out of it. Unlike shares of Microsoft or ears of corn, there is only so much to go around. In theory, this long-term supply constraint is one of the few sure things in investing, so oil prices should continue to rise.

In reality, oil remains one of the most volatile commodities. While the spot price of benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude rose 7.9 percent in 2011, it wasn’t unusual to see huge swings in prices over the space of days. Analysis

Buying Oil ETFs On A Dip

Oil has fallen sharply in the past week on worries about slowing growth and S&P’s downgrade of U.S. debt. So, if this is a buying opportunity, which ETFs are best?