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Fri. Hot Reads: Are Long/Short Equity Strategies Worth It?

Also, U.S. adds surprising 313,000 new jobs last month


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Why Dollar's Falling With Bond Yields Surging

How the greenback recently hitting three-year lows impacts investors.

Daily Hot Reads

Friday Hot Reads: PayPal Goes Robo

Plus, a guide to navigating emerging markets and a look at how technology is reshaping global markets.


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This Trump ETF Trade Completely Unwinds

One of the assets expected to benefit most from Trump's policies has given up all its post-election gains.

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3 ETFs For Surprise Drop In The Dollar

The dollar just hit the lowest level of 2017 so far, surprising analysts that had foreseen a rise in the greenback. 

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Betting On A Rising Dollar With ETFs

If the greenback climbs again in 2016, these funds stand to benefit.

ETF.com Analysis

Currency ETFs Getting More Interesting

Will investors be open to using powerful new weapons to protect themselves from currency wars?

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Pimco Launches Active Foreign Currency ETF

Pimco gives investors a new multicurrency ETF designed to profit from a weakening dollar.