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Fri. Hot Reads: Death Of Smart Beta?

Plus, one CEO thinks he knows why we’re still waiting for a bitcoin ETF.


ETF Prime Podcast: Best Of Shows

Featuring BKCM, Vanguard and ETF.com's Dave Nadig.

Daily Hot Reads

Tues. Hot Reads: Will Investors Be Paid To Invest?

Also, the Aussie ETF market gets ready to rock with ‘ACDC.’

Features and News

How To Buy A Bitcoin ETN

Two over-the-counter products look and act a lot like the fabled cryptocurrency ETF that the SEC has yet to approve.

ETF.com Live Chat!

Live Chat: Bitcoin ETF Puzzle & Flash Crash Fixes

Dave Nadig answers readers' ETF questions in real time. Here's the transcript.


ETF Prime Podcast: Bitcoin, Bond & Bullion On Tap

We discuss the latest SEC bitcoin ETF rejections, smart beta in fixed income and gold.

Daily Hot Reads

Wed. Hot Reads: Why Stocks Ignore News Events

Also, Vanguard gaining on BlackRock’s ETF market share.

ETF Report

5 Traits Of Successful Thematic ETFs

Thematic ETFs that capitalize on hot new trends can sizzle—or fizzle.