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SEC Rejects Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF

Regulators refuse to approve fund based on the cryptocurrency.

Features and News

Big Bitcoin ETF Decision Coming Today, Or Maybe Not

The deadline for a regulatory decision is upon us.

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Also, names matter in bond ETFs as Gundlach clobbers Gross' old fund.

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday’s Hot Reads: Approving Bitcoin ETFs Will Lead Investors To Slaughter

Also, one of bitcoin's big funds is selling ahead of the ETF decision.

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Monday Hot Reads: Thou Shalt Not Buy Biblically Responsible ETFs

Also, the active ETF: What's in it for investors?

ETF Strategist Corner

Bitcoin ETF: A Fintech Marriage Ready To Happen

Three bitcoin proposals are before the SEC.

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Tuesday Hot Reads: Are You In The Right Sectors? 2017’s ETF Winners

Also, defense ETFs charge on Trump's plan to boost military spending.

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Thursday Hot Reads: Value Surpasses High Beta As Top Factor

Also, Vanguard eyes passive invasion into Europe.