Daily Hot Reads

Tues. Hot Reads: Value & Growth ETFs Rake In Cash

Also, cash only asset class up for the year.

ETF Report

Trends Driving ETF Product Development

The ETF industry is expanding on many fronts. We look at the biggest ones.

Daily Hot Reads

Wed. Hot Reads: Where Poker & ETFs Converge

Plus, a leader in investment performance measurement suggests using ETFs as benchmarks.

Daily Hot Reads

Mon. Hot Reads: Swiss OK First Crypto ETF ‘HOLD’

Also, retail ETFs ripe after sell-off.

Daily Hot Reads

Thurs. Hot Reads: Bitcoin Hits 2018 Low

Plus, comparing two popular fixed-income ETFs from iShares.

Daily Hot Reads

Fri. Hot Reads: Buybacks At Record Levels

Plus, a look at what and who inspired the development of ETFs.

Daily Hot Reads

Wed. Hot Reads: Looking Beyond Midterms

Plus, analysis of the problems in financial industry’s math.

Daily Hot Reads

Thurs. Hot Reads: Short Term Treasury ETFs In Demand

Also, after 10 years, bitcoin changed everything and nothing.