Bloomberg Barclays 2023 Maturity High Quality Corporate Index ETF Overview

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ETF Watch: New KraneShares A-Shares ETF

KraneShares teams up with Bosera to launch MSCI A-Shares ETF.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Pimco Axes Treasury ETF

Pimco decides to throw in the towel on a broad Treasury ETF that hasn’t gathered assets.

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iShares Debuts More Target-Date Bond ETFs

The world’s biggest ETF firm hopes to gain a foothold in the world of bond funds that behave like individual bonds.

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iShares Launches Term Corporate Bond ETFs

iShares rolled out four target-date maturity corporate bond funds in April. Each of the so-called term funds coming to market will expire on March 31 of the year in the given fund’s name. They each comprise U.S.-dollar denominated, investment-grade corporate debt from issuers with at least $250 million of outstanding face value.