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These ETFs Hold Puerto Rico Bonds

Index rules dictate inclusion of bonds headed for default.

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Puerto Rico’s Lesson For ETF Investors

The commonwealth’s muni bond default highlights ‘political risk.’

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Muni Fund Ownership Growing

Individual investor dollars are flowing away from individual muni bonds and into muni mutual funds and ETFs.

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Muni ETFs Could Defy Seasonal Trend

The muni market typically has a tough go in March, but investors shouldn’t bail out on the segment.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: Van Eck Adding Muni Funds

New filing outlines plans for muni ETFs targeting maturity ranges.

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Midterm Muni ETFs Hit Sweet Spot

Midterm-duration municipal bonds are doing well, and two ETFs—MUNI vs. ITM—help tell the tale..

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Muni ETFs Rally Not Over

Tax-exempt munis are already at all-time highs, and are looking attractive ahead of ‘fiscal cliff.’

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5 ETFs To Save You From The Fiscal Cliff

ETFs targeting consumer staples, municipal bonds and dividend-rich stocks are likely to provide investors with the best cushion should any tax hikes come out of talks addressing the so-called fiscal cliff in the United States, according to an article published by the Motley Fool.

The article listed a number of viable ETFs, including the following: