Bloomberg Barclays Long U.S. Treasury Index ETF Overview

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Intermediate T-Notes Moving

Yellen's comments on interest-rates market mover of the month.

Features and News

Treasurys Curve Movements

Yellen's remarks roll forward market's expectations of a rate increase. Analysis

Last-Minute Tax Tips For ETF Investors

If you hold one of these popular ETFs, you may have some great opportunities to lower your tax bill. Analysis

Low-Asset ETFs Can Be Tradable

Someone get Matt some dried frog pills, because he’s lost it.

ETF Report

 Choosing Bond ETFs

Exchange-traded fund investors often approach the fixed-income market with fear. Many are more familiar with equities, and don’t know where to position their portfolios in the fixed-income space. Matt Hougan addresses that issue in "The Case For International Fixed-Income Investing" in this issue.

Features and News

Second Diversified Long-Term Bond ETF Appears

The new SPDR bond ETF boasts a portfolio with an average maturity of 24.39%, says SSgA. Analysis

Go SSgA!

For all of the attention that BGI, Vanguard, PowerShares and even ProShares, Rydex and Claymore have been getting lately, SSgA— with still the largest ETF and second-largest total ETF assets BY FAR—has quietly built a stable of world-class products.

Journal Of Indexes


ETF Marketing Race Heats Up

The battle for ETF assets is heating up. Investment News reported that State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) raised wholesaler compensation for ETF sales and lowered the amount it pays for mutual fund and separately managed account (SMA) sales, as it looks to chip into BGI’s dominant position in the ETF industry.