Bloomberg Barclays Rate Hedged U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, Negative Five Duration ETF Overview

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Election Boosts Negative Duration Bond ETFs

A steepening Treasury curve and prospects for higher interest rates could be what negative-duration bond ETFs have been needing for traction.

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Using ETFs To Hedge Against Rising Rates

ETFs offer a number of tools to reduce or even capitalize on rising interest rates. Analysis

Negative Duration ETFs For Rising Rates

With the 10-year topping 2 percent, maybe rising rates are really a thing?

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Bond ETFs Without Interest Rate Risk

A suite of ETFs helps investors maintain fixed-income exposure in a rising-rate environment.

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Bond ETFs For Rising Interest Rates

Duration-hedged ETFs offer some protection.

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WisdomTree’s Busy Day

WisdomTree Investments closed out 2013 with a bang, launching six funds in one day in mid-December. Five of the new funds listed on the Nasdaq and are clearly aimed at quelling investors’ fears of a rising interest rate related to the Federal Reserve’s announced $10 billion tapering of its economic stimulus.

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Fresk: Bonds At A Crossroad

Is the end of 30-year bull market in rates imminent, or are we just in a cyclical bear?

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How A Negative-Duration Bond ETF Works

Institutional tool for managing interest-rate risk comes to retail investors.

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Most Innovative New Income ETFs

As the financial landscape changes, new funds offer different investment tools.