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Vanguard Announces ETF Fee Cuts

Changes affect mostly fixed-income ETFs and are mainly the result of increased assets under management.

ETF.com Analysis

Should You Own Bond ETFs In 2017?

Yields and cost are much bigger considerations headed into a low-return world.

ETF Strategist Corner

‘Off Benchmarking’ Fixed Income ETFs

In this tough yield environment, here’s a different way to achieve 4% distribution.

ETF.com Analysis

How Illiquid Are Bond ETFs, Really?

With the SEC looking to regulate liquidity, should bond ETF investors worry?

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7 Most Popular Short-Term Bond ETFs In 2013

Investors poured more than $23 billion into short-term bond ETFs last year.

Monthly ETF Flows

April ETF Flows: GLD Assets Drop 18.8%

GLD lost almost 19 percent of its assets in April, as gold prices fell and the 12-year gold rally lost its way.

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Vanguard Cuts Fees On 11 ETFs By 3-20%

Vanguard, keeping downward pressure on fund fees, cuts expense ratios on 11 ETFs.

Features and News

Vanguard Sets Cap Gains On 12 Bond ETFs

Vanguard reports cap gains on all but one of its bond ETFs.