Bloomberg Barclays U.S. 10+ Year Corporate Bond Index ETF Overview

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ETF Of The Week: Short Bonds Soar (SLQD)

Assets in the iShares ETF skyrocket 35% on rate hike fears.

Daily ETF Watch

Vanguard Plans Global Bond ETF

Fund will be structured as an ETF-of-ETFs.

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Vanguard Launches Bond ETF-Of-ETFs

Fund combines Vanguard’s three corporate debt ETFs into one fund.

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Vanguard Plans Broad Corporate Bond Fund

Proposed product will be an ETF of ETFs and track the full maturity range of the corporate bond space.

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 New ETF Launches

Vanguard debuts broad corporate bond ETF. Plus our list of launches for November.

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Vanguard Announces ETF Fee Cuts

Changes affect mostly fixed-income ETFs and are mainly the result of increased assets under management.

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Schiff: Commodities Ripe For Fed U-Turn

The Federal Reserve will eventually reverse its QE tapering, causing the dollar to plummet, warns Peter Schiff.

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Yardeni: Ride Current Bull Market With US Consumers

Ed Yardeni is widely followed by institutional investors for his investment strategy publications. He is the president and founder of Yardeni Research, an independent research firm. Dr. Yardeni is often seen on CNBC, and is published in financial publications like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Barron’s. Analysis

‘Taper’ Time’s ETF Winners And Losers

Where should investors be when QE really starts to wind down?