ETF Strategist Corner

Kubie: All In On Treasury Floaters

The Treasury’s plan to issue floating-rate debt is a new addition to a useful class of debt, CLS’ Kubie says.

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Floating-Rate Bond ETFs Take Center Stage

These funds have attracted investors looking to combat rising interest rates, and that popularity should accelerate in 2014.

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iShares’ Gamba: Institutional ETF Use Up

After 20 years, ETFs finally find their way into institutions’ core holdings.

Features and News

ETF Flows Shaping Up Strongly In Sept.

September’s schizoid flows story looks like it will end with near-record inflows. Analysis

‘Taper’ Time’s ETF Winners And Losers

Where should investors be when QE really starts to wind down? Analysis

ETFs To Avoid Rate Surprises

The ETF market is full of problem-solving gems, even if they’re hard to find.

Monthly ETF Flows

April ETF Flows: GLD Assets Drop 18.8%

GLD lost almost 19 percent of its assets in April, as gold prices fell and the 12-year gold rally lost its way. Analysis

Fidelity's Dance With BlackRock Good Start

Fidelity’s new and expanded commission-free trading program is a net positive for investors.