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Second Diversified Long-Term Bond ETF Appears

The new SPDR bond ETF boasts a portfolio with an average maturity of 24.39%, says SSgA. 

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Fire Sale: Bond ETFs Trading Like Closed-End Funds

Across the board, bond ETFs are trading like closed-end funds. But not everyone is willing to make the same connections between markets. 

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The Long Road: Muni ETF Yields Hold Up

Distressed credit markets are sinking municipal bond ETFs, but the yields are holding up against their taxable cousins. 

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ETFs Approach $500 Billion

New research from Morgan Stanley found that inflows into U.S.-listed ETFs topped $11.6 billion in the first three months of 2007, bringing total ETF assets in the U.S. to approximately $480 billion. That actually represents a significant slowdown in asset growth, as it calculates out to just 10 percent annualized growth. In comparison, the industry grew 40 percent in 2006.

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 Vanguard’s bond ETFs challenge iShares’ hegemony

Giving Barclays Global Investors’ a run for its money in the ETF fixed income space, Vanguard launched four broad bond ETFs in early April. They are: Total Bond Market (AMEX: BND), Short-Term Bond (AMEX: BSV), Intermediate-Term Bond (AMEX: BIV), Long-Term Bond (AMEX: BLV). All four track Lehman Brothers bond indexes: Aggregate Bond, 1-5 Year Government Credit, 5-10 Year Government/Credit, and Long Government Credit respectively.

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Competition In Bonds

ETF investors get a new choice for fixed-income; Vanguard pushes the envelope on costs.