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iShares Cuts Fees On 11 ETFs

The change affects eight fixed-income funds and three ESG funds.

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How To Build A Balanced Portfolio For Today’s Market

iShares’ Martin Small says fixed income is the most challenging aspect of portfolio construction today, and offers a guide to building better portfolios.

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2016 Capital Gains Feature Hedged ETFs

Currency-hedged and fixed-income ETFs figure prominently on the capital gains list.

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 Smart Beta Stuggles To Grow In Fixed Income ETFs

Smart-beta bond ETFs are just beginning to find their footing.

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Most Popular Smart Beta Fixed Income ETFs

Smart beta has yet to take off in the fixed-income space, but there are a handful of such ETFs that have gained a following.

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iShares Slashes ‘Core’ ETF Fees

ITOT becomes cheapest equity ETF in the U.S.

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Currency-Hedged ‘HEDJ’ Wins ETF Of The Year

It’s the ‘Year of Currency Hedging ETFs’—this time with a European twist.

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Daily ETF Watch: DBC Creations Halted

PowerShares suspends a bevy of ETFs and ETNs that it jointly markets with Deutsche Bank. Analysis

ETFs Made Easy: 2 Simple Portfolios

Building a simple ETF portfolio is so easy even I can do it.