Bloomberg Lead Subindex Total Return ETF Overview

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Worst Performing ETFs Of 2Q 2018

Losses for some ETPs are as much as 90%.

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Of 5 Top Commodities, Some Are Struggling

Of the five top commodities in the first quarter, two were in the red.

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New iPath Commodity ETNs Look Like Cannibals

iPath is serving up a slew of new commodity exchange-traded notes almost identical to 19 ETNs it already has on the market, except the new ones are callable and 5 basis points cheaper. Whether the firm’s cannibalization plan works is anybody’s guess. Analysis

Why Is No One Buying UGA?

Commodity ETF investors have managed to miss all the major bull markets of 2009. Where’s the love for the lead, copper and gasoline ETPs? Analysis

Natural Gas: Worst Investment Ever

I love the S&P reports. They always focus the mind. The latest one, covering commodities, focused it on two unlikely candidates—lead and natural gas. Guess which one smells worse?

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New ETF Player Aims At Tax-Deferred Yields On SPY

New ETF would provide investors with tax-deferred distributions on SPY.

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Which Gold Tracker?

Differentiating between the trackers' legal structure, custodial arrangements and secondary market trading mechanisms.

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 ETFs Saw Positive Inflows In Q1

Exchange-traded fund asset flows seesawed wildly in the first three months of the year, but ended up with a total of $4.5 billion in inflows for the quarter. While January saw inflows of about $2 billion, there was nearly $6 billion in outflows during February. But investors poured money back into ETFs during March—$8.1 billion worth. Total inflows in the first quarter of 2008 were $7.8 billion.