BofA Merrill Lynch US Taxable Municipal Securities Plus Index ETF Overview

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Muni ETFs: $2B & Counting For 2017

While trailing last year’s flows, muni bond ETFs are offering decent returns.

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Muni ETFs: No Summer Vacation

ETFs are getting more attention, with high levels of trading activity.

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ETF Watch: PowerShares Fund Shifting Focus

Filing indicates the Build America Bond ETF will transform into a broad muni bond fund.

ETF Strategist Corner

ETF Fixed Income Solutions For The Future

Two approaches in a very different fixed-income world compared to the past.

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Muni ETFs: Low Yield Doesn't Mean Low Return

Declining yields have attracted investors as prices rise.

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Yield Opportunities Abound In Muni Bond ETFs

Often-overlooked segment of the fixed-income market can help with your yield hunt.

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How To Pick The Right Bond ETFs

With so many choices in the realm of fixed-income ETFs, it helps to have a system for choosing them.

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Kotok: India Best Of BRICs

India's the most attractive emerging market at the moment, says CIO of Cumberland Advisors. Analysis

Build America Muni Bond ETFs Hot For Now

The muni market—and BABs in particular—roared back in the first quarter, but can that last?