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Practical Ways To Hold Down Costs With Bond ETFs

In this study of historic discount/premium swings for bond ETFs, some clear patterns emerge that investors need to consider.


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Do Fixed-Income ETFs Work?

In this two-part series, our analytics and research strategists study premium and discount characteristics of different types of bond ETFs.

ETF Report

 Total Bond Market ETFs Have Small But Key Differences

Last year, fixed income was a place of safety for many investors. Sure, corporate bonds had some grim moments, but in general, bonds handily outperformed stocks during 2008—with Treasuries the shining beacon in the storm. The irony, of course, was that fixed-income vehicles were the source of many of the problems.

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Pimco Filings Detail Plans For Active ETFs

Pimco reveals details about proposals for a line of active ETFs.

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Investors Making Big Shift Into Emerging Market ETFs

Since early 2008, assets in emerging market stock ETFs have doubled in size to represent almost a third of the total market, says analyst.

ETF.com Analysis

Long-Term Treasury Shorts?

I suppose you could take a long-term position in an inverse Treasury ETF,
Murray. But there are risks.

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Hammers Ups Ante With Preferreds & BuyWrite ETFs

Manager of institutional portfolios debunks concern that asset allocation strategies and rebalancing won't work in coming years.

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UltraShort Treasuries: How Long Can You Hold TBT?

Will concern about inflation's effects cause investors to prioritize inverse Treasury ETFs?