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 BGI Launches Two Fixed-Income ETFs ...

Barclays Global Investors launched two new international Treasury ETFs on the NASDAQ in January.

ETF Report

 Investors Pile Into Leveraged And Inverse ETFs In January

Exchange-traded fund investors piled into leveraged and inverse ETFs in January, as market uncertainty drove investors into these trading/hedging products en masse. Analysis

The Best Way To Play Financials

With the Financial sector trading 80% off its highs, you might be tempted to buy a Financials sector ETF. But there might be a better way to access Financials.

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Where Are Bond ETF Premiums & Discounts Heading?

The ongoing credit crisis has revealed some startling facts about what types of risks investors face when dipping into low-quality credit waters.

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SSgA Launches Intermediate-Term Bond ETF

Investors now have at least three distinct choices in intermediate-term bond ETFs focusing on only high-grade credit issues. 

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Four Safe Money Strategies For Retirees In '09

With Treasuries seemingly priced at bubble proportions, a few other types of bond ETFs figure to provide a smoother ride in a new year.

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New High-Yield Muni ETF Not Like Other Junk Issues

New Van Eck High-Yield Muni ETF has quite different characteristics than corporate junk bond funds.