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 Van Eck Joins The Muni Melee

Van Eck Global finally launched its firstmuni bond ETF in early December, joininga muni bond ETF melee that has seenfunds launched by the three biggest namesin ETFs: BGI, SSgA and PowerShares.

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The Trillion-Dollar Day

What happens when governments create $1 trillion out of thin air? Nothing good, according to Serrapere. Analysis

10 ETFs You Can’t Afford NOT to Buy

Matt—could you be any more charitable than to mention gold and real estate in your blog this morning? I was right about those; here's what I'm right about for 2008.

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Emerging Market Debt Gets Its Second ETF

The new iShares ETF, EMB, joins PowerShares' PCY. 

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Small-Cap Emerging Markets

With investors searching high and low for noncorrelated assets, the new WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend ETF (DGS) is attracting a lot of attention.

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Israel Upgraded To Developed Status
FTSE announced the results of its annual review of its country classifications in September, and it had good news for Israel: The country is being upgraded to developed markets status as of June 2008. FTSE uses a three-tiered classification system, with countries falling under Developed, Advanced Emerging and Secondary Emerging designations.

FTSE also updated its Watch List, which tracks countries that have a reasonable likelihood of a status change.

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Muni Bond Melee

The normally quiet muni bond sector got very noisy this fall, as four exchange-traded fund (ETF) firms jockeyed for position to launch the first muni bond ETF.


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The Value Of Currencies

New exchange-traded vehicles provide entry into the FX market