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ProShares Launches Regional Bank ETFs

ProShares, the world’s biggest purveyor of so-called geared exchange-traded funds, launched a pair of ETFs focused on the
regional banking sector, the first of their kind for investors.

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Schwab Files To Offer Three US Treasury ETFs

Schwab has kicked up the marketing of its own exchange-traded funds a notch by filing to launch a trio of U.S. Treasury ETFs, marking the firm’s first foray into the world of fixed-income funds.

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TrimTabs Using Suspect ETF Secret Sauce

TrimTabs may have found some magic backtested secret sauce, but I’m not so convinced.

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ETF Tracking Error Explodes In 2009
According to a report from Morgan Stanley released in February, tracking error among ETFs widened significantly in 2009, as volatile markets, diversification requirements, optimization strategies and large movements in small-cap companies combined to cause many ETFs to miss their benchmarks.

Features and News

ProShares Launches Pair Of Geared Biotech ETFs

ProShares, the world’s biggest purveyor of inverse and leveraged ETFs, rolled out a pair of leveraged and inverse ETFs targeting the biotechnology industry, as it aims to take advantage of one of the brightest spots in the U.S. economy.

The Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology (NasdaqGM: BIB) seeks to double the daily returns of the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index, while the UltraShort Nasdaq Biotechnology (NasdaqGM: BIS) is designed to deliver twice the inverse of the index’s daily return.

Monthly ETF Flows

March ETF Fund Flows: BlackRock, SSgA Back On Top

The $20 billion in new money that flowed into exchage-traded funds in March showed that the ETF market is again red-hot, and suggested investors are starting to believe the economy is turning a corner.

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 Direxion Debuts Two-Year Treasury ETFs

Direxion rolled out two index funds based on the two-year Treasury note in February, in response to growing expectations that official U.S. interest rates may be going up.