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ETF Marketing Race Heats Up

The battle for ETF assets is heating up. Investment News reported that State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) raised wholesaler compensation for ETF sales and lowered the amount it pays for mutual fund and separately managed account (SMA) sales, as it looks to chip into BGI’s dominant position in the ETF industry.

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Active Indexer: Offense–Defense, Part II

In part II of a series, Serrapere considers new approaches to handle the increasingly risky market. Analysis

Fifteen Basis Points

Well, Jim, at least we can own the market cheap. My sample low-cost ETF portfolio can now be bought for less than fifteen basis points in expenses (0.148% to be exact).

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The View From S&P

Standard and Poor's top analysts gaze into their crystal ball to see where the market is headed from here.

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Ameristock Launches Targeted Treasury ETFs

Will the new Ameristock/Ryan ETFs find room in the market? And will they track their indexes?

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Vanguard Goes ETF-Only; Files STRIPS Fund

Vanguard, long reluctant to embrace the ETF revolution, has turned 180 degrees: It is now approaching ETFs with the fervor of a convert.

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ETFs Approach $500 Billion

New research from Morgan Stanley found that inflows into U.S.-listed ETFs topped $11.6 billion in the first three months of 2007, bringing total ETF assets in the U.S. to approximately $480 billion. That actually represents a significant slowdown in asset growth, as it calculates out to just 10 percent annualized growth. In comparison, the industry grew 40 percent in 2006.

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 Active bond ETFs heat up; Vanguard plans active TIPS

In an interesting twist, the asset class many view today as stodgy has been in the spotlight this year when first Barclays Global Investors expanded its bond iShares lineup by nine, and then, shortly thereafter, Vanguard added four of its own. Meanwhile, State Street Global Investors has been quietly planning a family of nine SPDR bonds, which should be hitting the market soon...