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Will Actively Managed Bonds Work?

The critics and experts are skeptical

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As Inflation Heats Up, How Much Can TIPS Really Help?

The huge gap in inflation expectations between the market and CPI readings raises fundamental questions about TIPS' scope and reach. 

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Ryan Hasn't Soured On Allure Of ETFs

Despite shuttering of Treasury bond series, ex-Lehman Bros. index developer comes out with SRI benchmarks he hopes will lead to new ETFs.

ETF Report

 Renewing Our Bonds

Bonds are boring, right? Not anymore.

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PIMCO Files To Enter Bond ETF Marketplace

Could star bond manager Bill Gross wind up running portfolios of exchange-traded funds? Stranger things have happened. Analysis

ETF Industry Data - First Half of 2008

Investors poured more than $23.2 billion into ETFs in the first half of 2008. I've got all the numbers.

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Hedge Funds Moving Into Indexing Marketplace

New mutual funds introduce benchmarks aimed at capturing returns from various hedging strategies for index-minded investors.

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ETF Watch: July 3 – July 10

Another frontier markets fund lists, plus new filings, industry data and our list of ETFs in registration.