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 Market Panic Reaches To Basic Engine Of ETFs

Exchange-traded products have been marketed as liquid, transparent investments, offering trading ease at relatively low cost to investors. While that is true in normally functioning markets, such products were running far from smoothly during the market panic...

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Sell-Off Leads To Muni Mania

As investors unload shares and prices tumble, yields on muni bond funds soar to new heights.

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Discounts Disappearing On Bond ETFs

Investors can see the differences between closed-end funds and ETFs quite clearly after just four days of trading as discounts arbitraged away. Analysis

Not With A Ten-Foot Pole

Add the bond discounts to the growing list of ETF debacles in the current market volatility. Analysis

Can You Trust Bond ETFs?

Murray Coleman's article paints an ugly picture of how fixed-income ETFs are functioning right now.

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Fire Sale: Bond ETFs Trading Like Closed-End Funds

Across the board, bond ETFs are trading like closed-end funds. But not everyone is willing to make the same connections between markets. 

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Fixed-Income Funds Taking Divergent Paths In '08

BGI's Matthew Tucker breaks down how yields and spreads are reacting across asset classes.

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ETFs Grab More Market Share, Reach 35%

September was a disaster for the stock market in general, but not necessarily ETFs.