Brazilian Real ETF Overview

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Best Performing Active ETFs

These five funds delivered 40% or more in total returns in the past 12 months.

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Betting On A Rising Dollar With ETFs

If the greenback climbs again in 2016, these funds stand to benefit.

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Best Emerging Markets To Buy Now

Expert discusses which emerging markets look the most attractive after the recent sell-off. Analysis

WisdomTree’s New Long Dollar ETF Shines

The firm's long-dollar ETF ‘USDU’ is getting the attention it deserves. Analysis

Big Trade On iShares ETF Proves Liquidity

How did such a massive block of HEWG trade without a hitch?

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The Definitive Guide To 2014 ETF Taxation

With the recent tax filing deadline, we reiterate the importance of understanding how different ETFs are taxed. Analysis

Nadig: Anatomy Of A Monster ETF Trade

How BZF traded 1,000 times its normal volume, and didn’t skip a beat. Analysis

Currency ETFs Do Matter

Recently, my colleague and friend Paul Baiocchi declared currency ETFs irrelevant. Sorry Paul, but you’re dead wrong.