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Top 7 Emerging Currency ETFs

Development of emerging market economies has led to a demand for their currencies, and seven ETFs are likely to offer the best exposure to some of those currencies, according to an article on The Street.

The article mentions the following funds:

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: VWO Snags $722 Million

VWO pulled in $722 million on Wednesday, Sept. 28, as stocks snapped three-day losing streak on renewed eurozone-related anxiety.

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: Bond ETFs Lead Creations

SHY and other bond ETFs lead creations on Thursday, June 2, as stocks again move lower.

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Currency: The Overlooked Asset Class

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 Breaking Down BRIC

Data on the BRIC Nations...

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 Currency ETFs Open Up Whole New Asset Class


It used to be that currency investing was something for the sophisticated investor (or adviser), rather than a tool used by the average market participant. That began to change near the end of 2005, when Rydex launched the first of its CurrencyShares ETFs—the CurrencyShares Euro Trust (NYSE Arca: FXE).

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 Rydex Debuts Russian Ruble ETF

Investors finally have access to currency-based ETFs for all four of the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China). In November 2008, Rydex Investments launched the CurrencyShares Russian Ruble Trust (NYSE Arca: XRU), the first Russian currency play in the exchange-traded format. WisdomTree offers the only Brazilian currency fund, while both WisdomTree and Van Eck offer plays on the Chinese and Indian currencies.