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How To Play A Yuan Rally

With China widening its currency trading bands, we ask what the best ETF to play the strong Chinese currency is: CYB, CNY or FXCH?

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Merk Hard Currency ETF Now In The Works

In a Pimco-esque twist, Axel Merk unveils plans to market his Hard Currency Fund in an ETF wrapper.

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WisdomTree Starts Share Offering

For those bullish on ETFs, WisdomTree’s share offering might be another way to express an opinion.

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First-Ever Copper ETF Debuts
United States Commodity Funds launched the first U.S. ETF to invest in copper futures when it rolled out its United States Copper Index Fund (NYSE Arca: CPER) in November. The product carries an expense ratio of 0.95 percent.

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Top 7 Emerging Currency ETFs

Development of emerging market economies has led to a demand for their currencies, and seven ETFs are likely to offer the best exposure to some of those currencies, according to an article on The Street.

The article mentions the following funds:

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The Case For Renminbi And FXCH

FXCH seems like it might be the best-kept secret in ETF land. It's time to get the word out.

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E-Trade Rolls Out Free ETF Trading Program

E-Trade jumps into the world of free ETF trades, but interestingly, with little fanfare.

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 CurrencyShares Rolls Out Renminbi ETF

In October, CurrencyShares rolled out a currency ETF that is designed to reflect the value of China’s currency in dollars.