Claymore CEF Index ETF Overview

With 1 ETF traded in the U.S. markets, Claymore CEF Index ETF gathers total assets under management of 0. The average expense ratio is 0.95%. Claymore CEF Index ETF can be found in the following asset class:

  • Asset Allocation

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Claymore Says Timberrr!

Claymore is offering investors access to a market segment that they may not have been able to access before. The Claymore/Clear Global Timber ETF (AMEX: CUT) is the first U.S.-listed timber fund. Previously, timber was largely restricted to institutional investors because of the high costs associated with acquiring timber land. Analysis

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 An ETN Of CEFs?

Goldman Sachs recently launchedthe Claymore CEF Index-Linked GSConnect ETN (NYSE Arca: GCE). GCEtracks Claymore Securities' index of 75closed-end funds selected and weightedbased on liquidity, distributions andmarket valuation.

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A Closed End Fund ETN???

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