ETF Report

ETF University 2018

A guide to the ins and outs of ETFs.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: 1st Pot Fund Debuts; iPath Delists GAZ

A handful of launches and fund shutdowns close out the year.

Daily ETF Watch

Record ETF Closures, Healthy Launch Levels

2017 saw an impressive number of ETF rollouts, and an uptick in closures from 2016.

Daily ETF Watch

Barclays ETN Put Out Of Its Misery

Plus, four PowerShares ETFs see their last day of trading.

Daily Hot Reads

Tuesday Hot Reads: 8 ETFs For 2018

Also, what’s wrong with niche ETFs.

ETF Report

ETF Investors Offer Their Feedback

The fifth annual ETF investor survey has some interesting twists and turns.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: iShares Plans Active Sectors; An Active/Passive Switch

Plus, O’Shares announces two fund closures.

Daily ETF Watch

2 Hedged O’Shares ETFs To Close

Relative newcomer to ETFs announces its first closures.