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Global Warning

There are many ways to Dublin - but not all are cheap.

Journal Of Indexes

Tuning In To Alternatives

Three alternative asset classes evolve to meet investor demand

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Let The Tax-Free Season Begin

BGI posts zero capital gains for its ETFs, except for two real estate funds; news from Rydex and PowerShares.

Features and News

Hedging the Housing Bubble?

With houses staying on the market longer and interest rates creeping up, it’s time to think about hedging against the housing bubble. Here’s how – with indexes, ETFs and other instruments.

ETF Report

 Are REITs poised for a slow down?

Real-estate investment trusts haven’t fizzled yet. In fact, they have outperformed the broad stock market for five years running. At the opening of 2005, few expected the REIT streak to continue this year—yet it did.

ETF Report

 ETF News Roundup

ISE expands index options, PHLX XL trades S&P ETF options, Lehman 7-10 Year Treasury, and more...

Features and News

Splitting Image

A baker’s dozen of ETFs have split their stocks in recent days.

ETF Report

 A New Threshold

SEC-mandated lists provide investors with a new tool to determine when it might be hard to get a short on.