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The Wash-Sale Rule

Meziani explains how ETFs can keep the tax man from the door, while still keeping your money in the market.

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ETF Report

 Investors look overseas for returns

As the US dollar lost more ground among world currencies last year, it spurred US investors to—once again—seek investments outside the US.

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Largest U.S. Mutual Funds and ETFs

Update of current returns and asset levels for the largest 100 U.S. mutual funds and ETFs, sorted by funds size and including tickers.

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ETF Options Provide Flexible Tools for Hedging, Managing Risk

The proliferation of ETF options has provided investors with new tools covering narrower areas of domestic and international markets.

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To Tilt or Not to Tilt

Bill Bernstein discusses differences in Vanguard & DFA philosophies, and the recent controversy he's stirred up about ETF performance.

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Global Markets Update

A look at market returns through recent ETF performance.

ETF Report

 Corporate Governance Indices from FTSE and ISS

FTSE Group and Institutional Shareholder Services agreed to jointly create global corporate governance indices