ETFs For The Obama Job Plan

Today’s much-anticipated speech by President Obama unveiling his latest jobs plan is not just an opportunity to jockey for political position, it’s an opportunity for investors.

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McCall’s Call: Is The Time Ripe For Homebuilder ETFs?

Data on housing may not look encouraging lately, but contrarians and those looking to buy and hold before a full rebound is upon us ought to take stock of the choices of homebuilder ETFs now available.

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Global Infrastructure: What's The Best ETF?

Four ETFs offer pure-play exposure to global infrastructure. But each defines the term differently. Here's a look at the choices.

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 International Infrastructure: The Best ETF For The Job

As the world digs itself out of recession, government-backed projects are funneling billions of dollars into creating new bridges, roads and tunnels.

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Claymore Planning To Open Active Commodity ETFs

Claymore plans to use Delta Global as its subadviser to manage three new active ETFs. Analysis

Me And Merrill Lynch

Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks oil could go to $25/barrel.

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 First Trust, PowerShares Introduce Infrastructure ETFs

In mid-October, two ETF providers launched infrastructure ETFs within a 24-hour period. First Trust Advisors rolled out the First Trust ISE Global Engineering and Construction Index Fund (NYSEArca: FLM), which takes a global focus, followed quickly the next day by PowerShares' introduction of the PowerShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure Portfolio (NYSEArca: PXR).

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Wiandt the Prophet (or is that Profit?)

My early morning blog fingering the homebuilders and U.S. financials as potential opportunities made me look like a genius by the afternoon.