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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Your ETFs

ETFs are supposed to be transparent. So why aren't all of them?

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: Investors Pull $1.7 Billion From Equity ETFs

Investors flee equity ETFs and embrace inverse funds as concerns about the market grow.

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McCall’s Call: China-Related ETF Universe Expands

China’s decision to slowly let its currency rise against the dollar makes a number of ETFs a bit more interesting, even though the yuan’s float is still more ‘dirty’ than free.

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McCall’s Call: Is The Time Ripe For Homebuilder ETFs?

Data on housing may not look encouraging lately, but contrarians and those looking to buy and hold before a full rebound is upon us ought to take stock of the choices of homebuilder ETFs now available.

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Short Report: Gold Bug Pesticide?

Despite the ‘flash crash’ and jitters in financial markets, a rise in shorting of GLD was the big short-interest story in May, in a sign not everyone’s panicked and not everyone’s a gold bug.

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Investors Shorting Real Estate, Retail, Small-Caps

Measuring short interest can be a tricky affair, but the latest report shows clearly that right now a lot of investors are pretty bearish on retail, real estate and small-cap stocks.

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The Week Ahead In ETFs

A look ahead at market news and trading ideas in the ETF space.

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Slicing & Dicing Sectors Into Themes

A new type of ETF is becoming popular, offering alternatives to traditional sector funds in targeting different types of companies.