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First US Bitcoin ETF Attracts $570M In Debut

The first U.S. bitcoin ETF will kick off its second day of trading with $570 million in assets

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‘GBTC’ Applies To Convert To ETF

Whether the SEC will allow Grayscale such a conversion remains a question.

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Crypto Complex Yawns At Launch

As the first U.S. bitcoin ETF begins trading, cryptomarkets seem to have baked in much of the enthusiasm already.

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Bitcoin Futures ETF Launch On Fire

BITO almost hit $1 billion in volume in its debut.

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Invesco Halts Efforts For Bitcoin ETF

The issuer is pulling out on the eve of ProShares’ fund debut.

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Digital Assets See Weekly Inflows Of $80M

Bitcoin saw the largest inflows, $70 million, for a fifth consecutive week of inflows.

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ProShares’ Bitcoin ETF Launches Today

It’s a watershed moment for crypto and ETFs combining.

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ETF.com Live Blog: Bitcoin ETF Launch Watch

Recapping the latest on a potential launch of bitcoin ETFs.