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UK Regulator Under Pressure To Rethink Crypto Stance

The Financial Conduct Authority will be under pressure to reexamine its stance on cryptocurrency exchange-traded products.

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Outflows Resume For Digital Asset Funds

Investors pulled a net $33 million out of the space last week.

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Hot Reads: Oil Tops $70 For 1st Time Since 2018

Also, the G-7 reaches a historic deal on tax reform.

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How To Buy A Bitcoin ETF

More than a dozen bitcoin ETFs are listed globally, but none in the US.

Bitcoin & Crypto

UK’s 1st Bitcoin ETP Listing Coming This Month

The U.K. will welcome its first bitcoin ETP on June 7 as issuers scramble to find new access points to trade their crypto strategies.

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Crypto ETPs Flood To Europe

At least four issuers launched crypto ETPs on Euronext Paris and three on Euronext Amsterdam on Tuesday.

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Ether Makes Up 27% Of Crypto Fund Assets

It's a record high for ether's market share.

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ETF Battles: BLOK Vs FNGU & ETHE's Cinthia Murphy spars with ETF PM's David Kreinces in a triple-header on blockchain, bank stocks and ethereum.