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Gartman: Own Beaten-Down Coal Stocks

It's time to own the essential ingredients to economic growth, some of which are down as much as 90 percent from only a few years ago.

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USCF Launches Metals Futures ETF

A new futures-based metals fund gives investors a new way to access the global development story.

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 Copper: Let’s Get Physical

In short order, physically backed ETFs have conquered the precious metals space, trouncing their futures- and equities-backed competition. The eight bullion-based trusts currently available in the States make up a combined $72 billion in assets under management, or a whopping 75 percent of all assets in U.S. commodities ETFs.1 Granted, most of that investment goes to the $54 billion SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE Arca: GLD), now the world’s second-largest ETF. But in terms of raw popularity, no other type of commodity fund even comes close to the bullion-backed trust.

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Global X Debuts First Aluminum Equities ETF

Global X rolls out the world’s first pure aluminum equities ETF.

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McCall’s Call: China-Related ETF Universe Expands

China’s decision to slowly let its currency rise against the dollar makes a number of ETFs a bit more interesting, even though the yuan’s float is still more ‘dirty’ than free. Analysis

Want A Yuan Play? Look To Commodities

Maybe the best way to play the Chinese yuan, Matt, is to not play it at all.

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Fees Up On Some PowerShares DB ETFs


Come Jan. 4, investors will have to shell out a little more in management fees for some PowerShares DB commodities-linked ETFs.

The two most popular PowerShares DB ETFs—the PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund (NYSEArca: DBA) and the PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund (NYSEArca: DBC)—will see their expense ratios rise from 0.75 percent to 0.85 percent.