Developed Markets ETF Overview

The developed markets ex-U.S. total market segment contains what many U.S. investors refer to as international funds—those that exclude the U.S. and cover the market-cap spectrum from large firms to small.

Many funds offer pure cap-weighted vanilla exposure. The two leading funds by AUM, iShares' EFA and Vanguard's VEA, omit Canada from their coverage universe, but otherwise represent the market segment very well.

With 112 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets, Developed Markets ETFs gather total assets under management of $307.87B. The average expense ratio is 0.40%. Developed Markets ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Equity
  • Fixed Income

The largest Developed Markets ETF is the Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF VEA with $76.38B in assets. In the last trailing year, the best performing Developed Markets ETF was the PIZ at 19.50%. The most-recent ETF launched in the Developed Markets space was the Global X S&P Catholic Values Developed ex-U.S. ETF CEFA in 06/22/20.

Top ETF Performers

FYLD Cambria Foreign Shareholder Yield ETF 6.50%
EFO ProShares Ultra MSCI EAFE 6.20%
EFAS Global X MSCI SuperDividend EAFE ETF 5.45%
AVDV Avantis International Small Cap Value ETF 5.29%
SCHC Schwab International Small-Cap Equity ETF 4.92%

Bottom ETF Performers

EFU ProShares UltraShort MSCI EAFE -6.54%
EFZ ProShares Short MSCI EAFE -3.36%
PDEV Principal International Multi-Factor ETF -1.61%
IDLV Invesco S&P International Developed Low Volatility ETF 0.25%
DWMF WisdomTree International Multifactor Fund 0.71%

Top Creations

IEFA iShares Core MSCI EAFE ETF 860.39
VEA Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF 487.86
IDEV iShares Core MSCI International Developed Markets ETF 391.60
IQLT iShares MSCI Intl Quality Factor ETF 148.60

Top Redemptions

EFAV iShares MSCI EAFE Min Vol Factor ETF -213.29
EFA iShares MSCI EAFE ETF -150.44
EFV iShares MSCI EAFE Value ETF -65.98
IDV iShares International Select Dividend ETF -61.35
HEFA iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE ETF -56.64

AUM Winners

IDMO Invesco S&P International Developed Momentum ETF 5,181.14%
DMXF iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EAFE ETF 358.91%
FIDI Fidelity International High Dividend ETF 39.59%
IJAN Innovator MSCI EAFE Power Buffer ETF - January 15.99%
EASG Xtrackers MSCI EAFE ESG Leaders Equity ETF 12.67%

AUM Losers

MVIN Natixis Seeyond International Minimum Volatility ETF -24.86%
FDEV Fidelity Targeted International Factor ETF -24.37%
PTIN Pacer Trendpilot International ETF -20.21%
FDT First Trust Developed Markets ex-US AlphaDEX Fund -13.08%
RNDM First Trust Developed International Equity Select ETF -7.91%

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