Journal Of Indexes

All the News in Indexes From the 4th Quarter of 2001

Includes coverage of the Vanguard 500, the SEC concept release on actively managed funds, the result of the S&P/Vanguard lawsuit, and news from MSCI, S&P, Dow Jones, AMEX, and a variety of other index news.

ETF Report

 Island to Amex: Take that!

The week ending December 14 marked the second week in which the American Stock Exchange was beaten in trading volume in the all-important Nasdaq 100 Index Tracking Stock (ticker: QQQ).

ETF Report

 Archipelago—Keeping an Eye on Price

Electronic Communications Networks, or ECNs, such as Island evolved as a result of the Order Handling Rules implemented by the SEC in January 1997.

ETF Report

 Capturing Reality in Japan

Against the backdrop of an intransigent bear market in Japan—in December, the central bank lowered its assessment of the Japanese economy for the seventh straight month, noting that it is deteriorating amid slumping exports, investment and private consumption—the MSCI iShares Japan fund has continued to find a home with investors who hold both optimistic and pessimistic views on Japan.

ETF Report

 ETFolios: Guardian configures ETF portfolios

While exchange-traded funds haven’t crossed the radar of many professional money managers who primarily put together portfolios of mutual funds for retail investors, a firm in Canada is set to change their thinking.

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 All Eyes are on Active ETFs in 2002

Sharpen your pencils. The Securities and Exchange Commission on November 15 issued its long-anticipated concept release for actively managed exchange-traded funds.

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 Steady-on, The LSE Hits New Highs

As exchange-traded funds based on the national indices in Europe continue to garner high volumes and assets indicative of retail and institutional interest, so too does the iFTSE 100.

ETF Report

 The Quiet ETF Precursor

OPALS, or Optimized Portfolios As Listed Securities, are the shy brethren in today’s brazen and ballooning ETF industry.