ETF Prime Podcast: Currency Hedged ETF Comeback?

Plus, going in-depth on crypto and gold; all about ‘SPDV.’

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Surging US Dollar Impacting ETFs

U.S. dollar holding strong despite tumbling interest rates. Here's what it means for ETF investors.

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Hot Reads: Why Bond Yields Are Plunging

Also, nine great low cost ETFs to buy.

Features and News

Currency Hedging Impacts Non-UK ETFs

European exposure without the U.K. is easy to get. But returns vary greatly between hedged and nonhedged funds.

ETF Report

Smart Beta Returns Over Time

Are smart beta strategies outperforming over the long term?

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: What’s In A Fund Name?

The factor mentioned in the fund name may not be what you’re getting.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Dividend Growth Demystified

It’s really just quality in disguise.

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Core & Value Smart Beta ETFs Filed

Columbia Threadneedle plans two domestic smart beta funds.