Double Short Euro Index ETF Overview

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How To Short Europe ETFs In Face Of 'Brexit'

If risk is on your mind following the 'Brexit' vote, short-selling Europe-related ETFs could be your cup of tea.

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Top ETF Strategist Picks For 2016

Here are some favorite funds that advisors like going into the new year. Analysis

Beyond Poor GREK

European officials have been kicking the can down the road for years. But it seems like that road is ending sooner rather than later. Investors beware. Analysis

An ETN Credit Risk Checkup

After last week’s downgrade of RBS by Moody’s, I have to ask , is that the best means of determining credit risk for ETN investors?

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McCall’s Call: Double-Dip Portfolio Review

A year later is as good a time as any for a double-dip ETF portfolio review.

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McCall’s Call: Hot ETFs For A Double Dip

Matt McCall isn’t as worried as lot of other people that the
economy is headed for a double-dip recession, but he’s got an investment plan just in case it does.

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Euro’s Slide Puts Focus On Currency ETFs

Choosing the right ETF as euro keeps sliding.

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 Currency ETFs Open Up Whole New Asset Class


It used to be that currency investing was something for the sophisticated investor (or adviser), rather than a tool used by the average market participant. That began to change near the end of 2005, when Rydex launched the first of its CurrencyShares ETFs—the CurrencyShares Euro Trust (NYSE Arca: FXE).

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ETN Providers, Investors Act With Prudence, Not Panic

No one is panicking, but the credit crisis has cast a pall over the ETN marketplace.