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 First Mover Status – Myth Or Reality ?

In most highly competitive industries, first-mover status is an elite distinction that can prove vital to long-term acceptance in the marketplace. But with 280 different funds launched last year and the first active portfolios finally arrived, how much does being first really matter in a hyper-evolving exchange-traded funds marketplace? Analysis

Cliffs Notes on ETF Families

Due to the popularity of my look atETFs by revenues, I've broken down fund families by revenues, average and meanERs. While you may intuitively know some of this data, some of the results maysurprise you. Analysis

ETF Data Geeks Dream Table III

As the first follow-up to my popular tabulation of ETF fund revenues, I offer you a view from the bottom.

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Portfolio Review: Miccolis Watching New Timber ETF

Advisor also leaning toward small-cap stocks internationally.

Features and News

Portfolio Review: Seeking Beta Instead of Nebulous Alpha

New York-based pro studying ETFs as low-cost way to access alternative asset classes and side-step high-priced hedge funds.


Journal Of Indexes

Largest New ETFs / Selected ETFs In Registration

Exchange-Traded Funds Corner
Largest New ETFs Sorted By Total Net Assets In $US Millions
Covers ETFs launched from September 1, 2006 through August 31, 2007.
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Eight ETFs Added To iShares Family

Five of the funds are the first iShares to trade on the NASDAQ.

Journal Of Indexes

Around The World Of ETFs

WisdomTree launched a new dividend-weighted emerging markets ETF on
July 13 that boasts an eye-popping 6.47 percent index yield. The Wisdom
Tree Emerging Markets High-Yielding Equity Fund (NYSE: DEM) debuted on
the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). On a backtested basis, it has a
generally positive record against the benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets
Index, although it lags on a 5-year basis.