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Largest New ETFs Sorted By Total Net Assets In $US Millions
Covers ETFs launched from September 1, 2006 through August 31, 2007.
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Go SSgA!

For all of the attention that BGI, Vanguard, PowerShares and even ProShares, Rydex and Claymore have been getting lately, SSgA— with still the largest ETF and second-largest total ETF assets BY FAR—has quietly built a stable of world-class products.

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 BGI launches international REIT ETF

BGI decided to fill one of the rare holes in its broad ETF recently with the launch of an international real estate ETF.

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First Trust Global

First Trust goes global with real estate, dividend ETFs.

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ETF Marketing Race Heats Up

The battle for ETF assets is heating up. Investment News reported that State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) raised wholesaler compensation for ETF sales and lowered the amount it pays for mutual fund and separately managed account (SMA) sales, as it looks to chip into BGI’s dominant position in the ETF industry.

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 WisdomTree launches international real estate ETF

It’s no surprise that international ETFs are in demand, and as US real estate markets have stagnated, international real estate ETFs have an increased appeal.

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BGI Launches International REIT ETF

BGI throws its hat into the increasingly crowded international real estate ring.