Dow Jones Global Shipping Index ETF Overview

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3 Transportation ETFs Picking Up Steam

A pickup in the economy is translating into double-digit returns for transportation ETFs.

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Belden: Time To Revisit Index Providers

Guggenheim’s ETF chief says index firms need to provide more than brand name.

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Shipping ETF SEA Riding Global Recovery

The rising tide of the shipping industry is lifting SEA’s returns and asset inflows.

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ALT To Shut; 1st iShares Closure Since ’02

BlackRock says lack of demand has doomed iShares’ actively managed ‘ALT.’



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Guggenheim To Shut 8 ETFs With Low Assets

Guggenheim, faced with eight funds that aren’t pulling in assets, decides to shut them.

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 Guggenheim To Change Index On SEA

Guggenheim Funds filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission to change the index on its Guggenheim Shipping ETF (NYSE Arca: SEA). The change appears to cut U.S. weighting in the fund by 80 percent. The ETF, currently based on the Delta Global Shipping Index, will be organized around the Dow Jones Global Shipping Index once the change takes place, according to the filing. It said the change will become effective 60 days after the filing, dated May 27.