Daily Hot Reads

Monday Hot Reads: Mutual Fund Launches Outpace ETFs

Also, bitcoin soars to record despite division.

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday Hot Reads: 4 ETFs To Keep You Invested After Retirement

Also, what the ETF canaries are signaling in the credit coal mine.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: 4 ETFs Launch, 2 On Bats

Two of the new funds are active, two are passive.

ETF Strategist Corner

The Crucial Art That’s Lost With Portfolios On Auto Pilot

Innovation has done great things for investors everywhere, but the value of the human touch can’t be underestimated in investing.

ETF Strategist Corner

Questions That Will Move Markets

Six key things investors should be watching, and asking.

ETF Strategist Corner

Finding The Right ‘Smart Beta’ ETF

What does 'smart beta' mean, and how should a ‘smart beta’ ETF fit in portfolios?

Journal Of Indexes

Deconstructing ‘Smart Beta’

ETF.com Analysis

'Smart Beta' 6: A Better Definition

In a world without 'smart beta,' strategy is king.