Traders Grab Hold Of 300% Leverage

Contrary to expectations (including mine), the Direxion 300% leveraged and inverse ETFs are rapidly gaining traction in the marketplace.

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Hammers Stands Tall In Face Of Sell-Off

Passive portfolio advisor views torrid market as a good buying opportunity for rebalancing strategy that draws bands around asset classes.

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Bear Stearns Rolls Out First U.S. Active ETF

Well, it finally happened. The U.S.ETF market got its first actively managedexchange-traded fund this springwhen the much anticipated BearStearns Current Yield Fund (AMEX:YYY) launched on March 25. The fund,which charges an expense ratio of0.35 percent, invests in short-durationU.S. government and corporate debt,targeting an average duration of 180days. It functions more or less like anactively managed money market fund. Analysis

It's All About Front-Running

The real question with these new active ETFs is not active vs. passive. It is, "Does front-running matter?" Analysis

More Education Obviously Needed

Matt, you're not alone. A lot of people I've talked to this morning are scratching their heads. Analysis

Returns Decay

Your blog about chasing returns got me thinking, Jim: Will all these new quantitative strategies suffer from returns decay?

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The Harsh Light Of Day

A look at how the market-beating, fundamental, timeliness, dividend and other specialty ETFs performed when the market crumbled.

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 PowerShares adds 11

In mid-October, PowerShares Capital Management launched 11 new ETFs, all of which were based on its dynamic Intellidexes, a proprietary family of enhanced indexes calculated and disseminated by the Amex.