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This channel provides the latest economic news and the resulting impact on ETF trading and the ETF industry.


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The Lehman Bros. ETN Fallout

Ten years after the biggest bankruptcy in history, did investors in the Lehman ETNs ever get their money back?


ETF Prime Podcast: 10 Years Later, What's Next For Stocks?

Ten years after global financial crisis, what's next for stocks? Also, the recent surge in marijuana stocks.

Features and News

Emerging Markets ETFs: Value Or Trap?

Recent market action and asset flows paint a cloudy picture.

ETF Strategist Corner

Prime Opportunity In Emerging Market ETFs

Recent weakness has only increased the appeal of emerging market ETFs. 

Features and News

Research Affiliates: Where Is The Global Economy Going? Analysis

Camp Kotok: Zero Ain’t Your Hero

Annual meeting of the minds in Maine focuses on the race to free.

ETF Strategist Corner

Charts For The Beach: 2018

Some important charts investors may be overlooking.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Reading Inverted Yield Curves

What there is to be worried about, and what may just be market noise.

ETF Strategist Corner

Growing Risk In Corporate Bond ETFs

Investors in certain types of corporate bond and preferreds ETFs beware: There’s a storm brewing.