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This channel provides the latest economic news and the resulting impact on ETF trading and the ETF industry.

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Investors Bid Up Treasury ETFs After Quarter-Point Rate Hike

Ninth-straight increase suggests rates will stay high for a long stretch.

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Advisors to Clients on Banking Crisis: ‘Don’t Panic’

Vance Barse and Rita Cheng are telling their clients there’s no need to do anything rash.

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Inflation-Focused ETFs Struggle to Gather Assets

Despite levels of inflation not seen in decades, these funds aren’t getting as much attention as you’d expect.

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Investors Flock to Cash ETFs as Stress Over Economy Mounts

BIL, SGOV, short duration T-bill funds pull in $1.53 billion over past few days.

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First Trust ETF Covers ‘Inflation Sensitive’ Equities

The fund tracks an index that targets sectors that perform well in inflationary periods.

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Real Estate ETFs Up as Investors Anticipate Fed Easing on Interest Rates

The two recent bank collapses could cause the Federal Reserve to take a break from raising rates, benefiting the real estate sector.


ETF Working Lunch: Why Aren't Investors Flocking to Inflation ETFs?

ETF Think Tank's Cinthia Murphy highlights the range of inflation-focused ETFs.

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Is The End Near for Rate Hikes?

Brian Jacobsen, senior investment strategist at Allspring Global Investments, discusses the macro outlook with Senior Analyst Sumit Roy.

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Retail ETFs Beating Broader Market While Warning Signs Flash

Are retailer ETFs about to get marked down in price?