Hougan: Three ETFs For Contrarians

Out-of-favor funds can bring attractive returns.

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Mini Flash Crash Bites Some ETFs

Trading discounts snap back but some have regulatory oversight concerns.

ETF Strategist Corner

The Ways ETFs Are Replacing Hedge Funds

The world of ETFs is slowly and steadily encroaching on turf that once belonged exclusively to hedge fund managers.

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Currency-Hedged ‘HEDJ’ Wins ETF Of The Year

It’s the ‘Year of Currency Hedging ETFs’—this time with a European twist.

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Emerging-Consumer ETFs As Varied As A Mall

The future of the emerging markets is likely to be prospective, but quite different from the first glorious phase.

ETF Report

 An Emerging Theme

Emerging markets have become an accepted part of a standard portfolio, but now ETF providers are drilling down to focus on the consumer story.

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2014 Awards Finalists Announced

The exchange-traded funds industry has helped to bring institutional-quality products within reach of all investors. Analysis

New Emerging Internet ETF Fills Big EEM Void

A new ETF canvassing online life in the emerging markets really is a distinct idea.