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Holiday Shopping Not A Gift For All Retail ETFs

Dispersion in exposure and performance is evident among retail ETFs, even if they all benefit from strong holiday shopping.

ETF Report

 Flood Of New ETF Brands & Issuers Slows To A Trickle

2016 has seen a slew of new funds, but not so many new firms.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: Fewer New Brands In 2016

The pace at which new brands have entered the ETF market has slowed markedly.

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ETF Success Found At Different Levels

Sure the big ETF issuers just keep getting bigger, but other issuers are also getting a piece of the pie.

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E-Commerce Boom Fuels These ETFs

Investors got mixed messages on retail sales last week. We pick apart the data to see what it means for ETF investors.