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Assessing India’s Growth Story

As an ETF investor, are you paying too much to capture India’s growth?

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Hot Reads: Hedging Banks With ETF Options

Plus, asset managers are offering more ESG choices to investors.

Daily ETF Flows

Huge Inflows For 'TLT'

The Treasury bond ETF had inflows of nearly $1.5 billion on Monday, April 22.

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Sizing Up Marijuana ETFs

Investors now have two pot ETFs to choose from, and they are very different. 

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Covered Call ETF Rolls Out

Global X adds a Russell 2000 covered call strategy to its offering.

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2 ETFs Riding Record Year For IPOs

2019 may shatter the record for money raised in IPOs set nearly two decades ago.

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Hot Reads: Goldman Bets On Smart Beta

Plus, a look at the advantages of direct indexing.

Daily ETF Flows

US Equity ETFs Register Outflows

Outflows for the segment totaled $2.1 billion on Thursday, April 18.