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Hot Reads: This Dividend ETF At New 1 Year High

Also, for the first time, a majority of institutions say they've adopted factor indexing strategies.

Daily ETF Watch

ProShares Closing 3 ETFs

Two gold miner ETFs and a credit default swap ETF will be shutting in August.

Daily ETF Flows

Debt ETFs Dominate Inflows

Short-term and high-yield debt saw strong inflows at the start of the week.

Daily ETF Watch

Global X Also Plans Marijuana ETF

Firm joins slew of firms looking to launch their own marijuana fund.

ETF.com Analysis

Quality ETFs Can Vary

ETFs targeting the same factor can have vastly different holdings.

ETF.com Analysis

All ETF Inflows/Outflows Aren’t The Same

Separating ETF asset flows by investor type can tell a very different story from what you might have heard.

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Best & Worst Performing Emerging Market ETFs

Emerging markets as an asset class are up this year, but country-specific returns vary widely.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: The Trouble With Robo Advisors

Also, global stocks are surging after Trump cancels Mexico tariffs.